In an effort to constantly improve, I’ve spent some time updating the characters looks a little bit.

This is Bones. Her real name is Nika but only her dad can get away with calling her by it. She lives in the rather large, scary, old, and maybe slightly rundown house on the corner of her block. Her dad has a basement lab. He’s a genetic engineer and inventor. They live on the edge. Everything Bones has is recycled or used. She’s a bit of an outcast because of it. Having a family cemetery in the backyard doesn’t help either. Her best friend, Luke, likes her for her resourcefulness. Bones has a talent for repairing toys and anything else for that matter. She’s smart, loyal, has a great throwing arm and is always getting Luke into…well, situations.


This is Stix, Bones’s Bull Terrier. A blond woman on a motorcycle, passing through town dumped him on the side of the road and kept on going. He doesn’t talk about it. Bones found him, brought him home, fed him, and he never left. He won’t do most anything a normal dog would do. Bones named him Stix because although he refuses to fetch one, he always carries a walking stick and is skilled at using it as a cudgel. He is proficient in Kung Fu and it’s philosophy but struggles with the tolerance and patience bits. He ultimately fails these due to his short temper and then sinks into a deep depression which requires deep meditation for days.  He doesn’t move during these meditations and is often being mistaken for a lawn ornament.  A master of illusion, he can appear to be just another dopey dog to those he wishes to hide his true self from. His reserve is constantly being tested and usually brought to a froth by “the tree rodents” who have great fun teasing and taunting him.  He has a weakness for television, Chinese take-out, and milk duds. He plots with Granny Smith against “the tree rodents” but is especially keen on protecting Bones from something he won’t share with others.


Meet Luke. He’s Bones’s best friend. He likes science and taking stuff apart. He usually shows up at Bones’s house in a panic with a box full of parts from something he’s dismantled and needs help putting it back together before his parents find out. He likes to think things though before making even small decisions. A trait that annoys Bones beyond measure. He doesn’t like monkeys, loud noises or anything sticky. He’s worn glasses since birth. His favorite animal is the Octopus and dreams of a career in oceanography but has a fear of water.


This is Granny Smith. Due to Bones’s father’s careless disposal of his genetic experiment sludge, Bones’s long dead grandmother’s DNA has combined with the apple tree in their backyard, producing a grandma/apple tree hybrid. She’s very sweet, nice and loving generally but has her limits and stubborn ideas about things. She can be a bit needy at times. She doesn’t like the squirrels nesting in her branches and often plots with Stix against them. She also has great empathy for all wood products and will react dramatically at the sight of say, a chair. Luckily her short term memory is shot and she gets over things very quickly.


This is Francis. He has a neurotic fear of fire, or anything that could possibly cause or catch on fire which is why he carries a fire extinguisher everywhere he goes. His fear extends to paper products, wood, leaves, piles of rags, etc. It’s not usually a problem but he’s not so popular at birthday parties, bar-b-ques, or firework displays. He’s also accident prone which could have something to do with his being extremely near sighted. He makes up for his poor eyesight with dog quality hearing. He can hear a match strike three blocks away.


Here are Jinks and Mo. Two crows that are always on the look out for a big score. “The Big Shiny” they like to call it. Could be a stash of food, or something pretty they can add to their hidden horde of treasure. Very sneaky and self serving. Can be useful though if you need info and have something to trade for it. Nothing much gets by them in the hood. They don’t lift a feather for anyone without payment of some kind. Even a small token payment may suffice if it keeps their code of ethics intact.

                                                               This is Oslov. He’s supposed to be a foreign exchange student in Bone’s third grade class. Through a paper work mishap, he’s been placed there via the witness protection program and is in reality a very short 30 year old French Canadian. He’s taking it pretty well. Oddly enough, he has knowledge of explosives and ways to kill far beyond the average 8 year old. Seldom leaves his room.

This tiny guy is flea. He lives on Stix when he’s not getting evicted. He doesn’t like to be called by any of the assorted names Stix comes up with such as parasite, bloodsucker, leech, vampire, blood mooch, bacon bum, dander jockey, clot blotter, fluid freeloader, etc.  He get’s his feeling hurt quite easily. His not so secret wish is to be Stix’s side kick and train to be a Kung Fu Master and fight villains.

This is Clair. She’s Bones’s full time Nanny and part time community college student. She’s studying early childhood development and thinks she’s hit a goldmine with this group. She thinks of children more as field specimens than human beings but is warming up to Bones. She likes alternative music but loves playing classical bass cello. Her favorite food is jello. She’s allergic to dogs but adores them.  She laments about the lack of quality young men in this town and has a secret crush on Bones’s dad even though most of her contact with him is through notes tacked to his lab door as he doesn’t like being disturbed when he’s working…and he’s always working.  She’s book smart, can be very focused but doesn’t seem   to notice a lot of weirdness going on around her all the time.


Two new characters that finally showed up. This is Mr. Gray and Mr. Grey.  They’re twin squirrels that like to run around the branches of Granny Smith and drive her and Stix crazy. Make note that Mr. Grey spells his name with an “e” so as not to be confused with his brother, Mr. Gray. These guys are fun loving and enjoy making trouble just for the shear enjoyment of it.

This is Moo Shoo. Bones’s “back from the dead” pet cat.From certain angles it’s hard to tell the diff.