This is where you’ll find sketches and other interesting or useless stuff. You decide.


I thought it’d be fun to see my “process” for lack of a better word of making a comic. It starts with a quick scribble or thumbnail of an idea and dialog. These are very small, rough and quick.


Then I’ll do a pencil drawing on Bristol board. This is the step where I tighten up my drawings and layout with non-repo blue pencil. The bits I’m happy with at this point I’ll darken with pencil. I’ll then scan this and begin the inking.


Here is the inked version. I make changes on the fly while inking. I like the flexibility of inking digitally. I didn’t like the look of the linework at first but I’ve gotten better at it. It finally looks more alive. You can see the changes I made from the original drawing. Most of the time I get a better idea for layout or gag during the inking process. Not a huge difference in this example but some are pretty drastic.


The final colored and inked version sans dialog. I do the dialog in illustrator and draw the balloons to fit. I’m getting better at drawing decent balloons.