Other cool sites to check out without worrying about bugs etc…the list will grow as I discover more comics I like

This strip reminds me of those great under ground comics from the 60’s and 70’s. Liz Baillie has created a well defined characters. Take a look.

Moon Town’s creator, Steve Odgen just published his first trade of this strip. Buy it.

Axe Cop, by Ethan Nicolle is pretty funny when you keep in mind the writer is 5 years old. I just wish I’d thought of it first.

Astray3 is the most beautiful and disturbing strip around. Eldon Cowgur is the creator.

Three Island Press designs fantastic fonts. I use Pumkinseed in Stix and Bones created by Brian Wilson. Check them out!

Sweet and Sour Grapes. Diana Stoneman’s artwork has a very clean, unique, graphic feel to it. Great color. She’s created a an entire rich world worth diving into.

Here’s another one I’ve just found created by Travis Hanson that caught my attention. Great drawing style. I admit I’ve just begun reading it but so far I’m being pulled in. I love black and white comics but after seeing some of his color work, I wish this was in color too.

Project Waldo. Nate Simpson’s amazing, amazing draftsmanship and coloring. You’ll spend hours pouring over the few examples he has up. Look for this comic to be HUGE! Should be in print first of April under Image moniker.