Roboman and the Squid Queen

Roboman and the Squid Queen” (which can be seen in “Edsel McFarlan’s New Car) tee shirts are in and look fabulous for only $20 includes shipping for 3 or more. The shirts come in two colors, (Green and Tan) in extra large, large and medium. Eventually I’ll offer Stix and Bones shirt designs. You can order by clicking on Stix’s bowl where you’ll be routed to PayPal.


I’m available for commissions of my characters or any others you can think of. Below are some examples:


• Penciled Commission ($100): Drawn on 9×12 Bristol.

• B&W Commission ($100): Drawn and inked on 11×14 Bristol. Line art only unless otherwise agreed upon.

• Color Commission  #1: ($300): Watercolor on 11×14 watercolor paper. Unframed.

• Color Commission #2: ($200): Drawn on 9×9 Bristol, then scanned and colored digitally. Price includes unframed print and hi-rez file.


mo and jinks drawinggranny drawingGrannySmithBones and Moshoo_smaCaptain AmericaWonderWoman_toland



• Buttons: ($1 for 2 buttons): 1″ Stix and Bones buttons.